We’re all still riding high after the truly spectacular show on Saturday night – Wow! It was amazing & we fell honored & thrilled to be part of you amazing community. Watching Henry up there on stage doing his solo without missing a beat will be with me forever. It was truly wonderful. I was so proud I thought I would burst. He has learnt too much from you all. You all welcomed him into DDDC kids when he didn’t know anyone. You encourage him & taught him focus & commitment as well as a rhythm he will always have. Saturday mornings were a favorite part of our week coming into your friendly. I feel so incredibly lucky that we found you I’m just so sad we are leaving New York for Sydney in a few weeks but the world is small & I know our paths will cross again. All the best. Please accept a small contribution of $200 to help another child.
— Susan Harte
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I love Djoniba’s class. I’ve been dancing with him since I was three-years-old, and he’s opened up a whole world of dance to me. Now I take so many dance classes: ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop.
— simone
Djoniba dance and drum kids
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So Oscar started taking class with Djoniba when eh was three, and we were really worried he was going to be too young for the class because he was barely able to concentrate. But suddenly he got into the class and he loved it. I think one of the reasons why he was so focused was because Djoniba has this great balance of commanding the children’s respect and teaching them very, very gently but firmly, which was great. He loved class so much that even when he’s sick, if it’s a Saturday, he’s like, “Oh Saturday, it’s Djoniba Day!,” and suddenly he’ll spunk up and go to class and give it his all and he’ll get out of class and completely collapse.
— Mother of Oscar & Ellis
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My daughter Maya started taking African dance classes when she was almost five, and it was a hit from the very first class. Djoniba seems to have the golden touch with them: he can engage them in a way that is fun and serious.
— Maya's Mom
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