Saturday, October 7th and 14th at 11:00am @ 440 Lafayette St/Astor Place - 3D

We encourage all parents to read the Program Details before attending.



FINANCIAL AID and FREE AFRICAN DANCE CLASSES For Enthusiastic Children With or Without Experience

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The DDDKids scholarship fund waives or reduces tuition for children of low income families. Children should not be deprived of the power, self-discipline and joy that dancing and drumming provide, just because they lack funds.  Mouflet explains his dedication to exposing youth to the art form of dance: 

“Dance has the power to transform and transcend, and no where is this more evident than for the child who lives in a city shelter or public housing, attends an under funded inner city school—if any school at all— faces bleak employment opportunities, and does not have a role model. For this child, in particular, dance is a promise of flight, of beauty, of expression, of acceptance and of self improvement. It is our mission to offer as many children as possible the opportunity to unlock their potential through the rigors of dance training.”

Djoniba Centre will attempt to assist children from low income families who are in need of Financial Aid, as funds become available from public agencies, foundations, corporations and individuals. Scholarships are granted after a Try-Out, where children with or without experience will be judged on their enthusiasm and desire to learn. Families must meet income eligibility standards with proof such as: Food Stamp Reward Letter or Tax Returns.

Try-Out dates will be posted on our Facebook where you must like the Djoniba Dance Drum Kids page in order to receive notifications about the Try-Outs. 

Student's Full Name *
Student's Full Name
Street Name, City, State, Zip Code
Student's School Information
Has the prospective student experienced dance & music training? If so where?
Parent/Guardian Information
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1st Parent/Guardian Name
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1st Parent/Guardian Phone Number
2nd Parent/Guardian Name
2nd Parent/Guardian Name
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2nd Parent/Guardian Phone Number
Street Name, City, State, Zip Code
Emergency Contact Name *
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Number *
Emergency Contact Number
*Must provide a copy of your SNAP Card on the first day of class to be eligible.
*Must provide a copy of the Medicaid Card on the first day of class to be eligible.
Read and Agree to the Rules & Regulations to Be Eligible *
- Parent must be present or arrange for a guardian to supervise their child. - No running, jumping or doing any activity in the hallways or dance studios - Dress code is mandatory. Students who report to class without the proper attire will not be permitted to take class. Missed classes due to dress code violations will be counted as an absence and the student will be fined $6.00. - Students who are more than 10 minutes late for class will not be allowed to take that class and will be fined $6.00. - All absences including any emergency will be fined a penalty of $6.00 which must be paid before starting class again. No excuses (except a signed doctor’s note) will be accepted. - After 3 unexcused absences, the scholarship will be cancelled. If the student desires to continue the same semester, they will have to pay full tuition. - For partial scholarships, parents are required to donate 4 hours of work-study every month. (Flyer distribution, stuffing envelopes, typing, cleaning, etc.) See work-study application for positions available. - For full scholarships, parents are required to donate 6 hours of work-study every month. CONSENT & RELEASE: Parent hereby consents that Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre or its designees may record their child’s likeness and reproduce, exhibit and otherwise utilize such photographs and/or films with or without the use of their child’s name in whole or in part. Parent understands and permits that the photographs and/or videotapes of their child’s likeness may be used in any manner or media for the purposes of promotion, television exhibition, advertising, trade and editorial purposes. Parent forever releases and discharges Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre and its designees from any and all claims and liabilities arising from the use of their child’s likeness or voice and/or name as set forth herein.



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