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Djoniba Dance & Drum Kids

A place for children to grow and learn.

Rhythm • Self Expression • Confidence • Body Control • Discipline • Fun


Our story

Since 1998, Djoniba Dance & Drum Kids, founded by Mr. Djoniba Mouflet, has provided a unique program that offers children ages 3-14 years old an intensive curriculum of African dance and music classes, regardless of their experience.  One of Mr. Mouflet's goal is to pass the torch of artistic excellence and community spirit to children from different backgrounds.  The Djoniba Dance & Drum Kids is committed to inspiring young people, our mission is to develop the star in each child and make them shine. Kids respond naturally to African dance with live drumming. Studying and performing dance and drum will help them understand the rewards of hard work and discipline in addition to giving them a sense of community and values that will be reflected in all aspects of their lives, especially academics. 

Age Groups • Class Description • Instructors

Age 4-8
saturdays 12:00pm to 12:45pm

We offer African Dance, Afro-House, and Hip-Hop, and Drumming Classes for boys and girls who are enthusiastic about music. This class routine is uniquely created to harness the high energy of this age in a way that is expressive, and builds control. No previous dance experience is needed. 

Age 9-16
Saturdays 12:45pm to 1:30pm

We offer African Dance, Afro-House, and Hip-Hop, and Drumming Classes for boys and girls who are enthusiastic about music. Here students can build confidence and rythm while having a great time with peers. Beginning students and experienced students are welcomed. 

The class
Our Teaching Principles

The class starts with a fun improvisation segment, then some stretching, and finally, we teach a few African dance steps.  We also teach simple acrobatics such as forward rolls, and cart wheels.  

A unique aspect of the class is our LIVE drumming where we also teach children to listen and feel the rhythm so that they may learn to be on beat.  The skills they learn in African dance classes will help them excel in music classes and other dance classes such as hip-hop, tap,modern etc… 

our Instructors

Our experienced teachers, including Mr. Djoniba Mouflet himself, have extensive backgrounds in dance instruction, and performing.  We require them to teach dance to our little ones while keeping in mind the psychological needs of the children, as well as their overall artistic goals and progression.  Our teachers keep the class fun but disciplined.  The first few classes focus on helping the children feel comfortable in the new environment with other children, and with the teacher. As we go deeper into the semester our teachers change the focus to learning dance steps, reminding the children of the future program performances and showcases, where they will be required to perform in front of the family. This challenge keeps them motivated and eager to excel.  We’ve had many stories of children, in their first class, who were shy, afraid or just more interested in being in the playground, that we were able to convert into dancers performing front and center in front of a large audience (see videos here..), to the delight of their parents!


our founder & director: djoniba mouflet

Djoniba Mouflet is an internationally-acclaimed drummer, dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer as well as a musical producer, writer and composer. Born in Martinique, he spent many of his early years in Senegal, Mali, and Guinea, West Africa, where he studied with renowned dance and musical masters in small villages as well as in professionally-staffed schools and companies, including Mudra Afrique, Ballet Foret Sacre, Ballet Meissa, Ballet Conakry and the National Ballet Africain of Guinea. He also studied ballet at Dance Theater of Harlem, and is trained as well in modern dance, jazz dance, music theory and acting. In the Spring of 1993, founded the Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre, the first and largest African and Pan-African Dance & Music School in the U.S.  Mr Mouflet, also founded in 1993, the Djoniba Dance & Drum Kids, dedicated to bring together young people from all diverse background, and to develop the star in each child and make them shine.